Tracker Namibia is a sub-division of PC Centre dedicated to providing state of the art Fleet Management services

Locate, manage, reimburse and measure your fleet with the most advanced and reliable GPS tracking application in Namibia


We will help you transform your vehicle monitoring process into an efficient, finely-tuned business tool. Our services are coupled with an on-going support system that guarantees quick responses whenever needed. As the pioneers of fleet-based vehicle tracking company, we offer the most advanced applications at the best market price.

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For all basic tools you need to get started with real-time tracking of your vehicles, job scheduling, report generation and more.


Package catered for the needs of medium and large enterprises that require advanced enterprise fleet management modules.


We also offer you the choice of picking features you would like to have in your fleet management packages.
Fleet monitoring

What we Offer

We help you manage and monitor your fleets whereabouts, cutting down on wasted time or unnecessary fuel costs.  Our automatic fleet tracking reports are easy to read graphs that let you identify operational trouble spots and improve fleet management

Control of your vehicle's speeds is vital in order to comply with government legislation or the vehicle owner’s requirements. Results from multiple research also indicate a profound safety benefit for vehicles equipped with active speed limiters.

Fuel theft and unauthorized use of vehicles is a persistent problem in many businesses. Tracker Namibia's Fuel management module allows you to control fuel levels and fuel consumption, as well as to compare the values read by our sensors with the fuel data entered manually by your fleet inspectors. By improving analysis and auditing of your fuel and mileage data, we can provide essential management information to help you make informed fleet and fuel decisions.

We give you professional fleet reporting tools with easy access and export functionality that provide detailed information for improved operational and strategic decision-making.