Tracker Namibia is brought to you by PC Centre. Established in 1992,  PC Centre has been an active role player in the ICT industry of Namibia. PC Centre is 100% Namibian owned company. Some of our achievements include bringing the first live IP link project into Namibia in 1994.

Tracker Namibia's Fleet Management Solution (FMS) takes full advantage of modern-day cloud infrastructure, providing a fully scalable, hardware agnostic web-based telemetry platform, leaving you to the business of servicing your clients and growing business. Tracker Namibia's Fleet Solutions (FMS) allow clients to remove or minimize the risks associated with their fleet, Improving efficiency, productivity and thus reducing the overall transportation and staff costs, providing 100% compliance with government legislation. PC Centre's FMS offers a lot more than just plain tracking.

The ultimate vehicle Management tools

Tracker Namibia

Sub division of PC Centre Fleet Management.

When you want to be more competitive and profitable, accurate and timely knowledge of your fleet activities is the most important information you can have.

Fleet Management Systems is a combination of various disciplines like engineering, finance, human resource management, road traffic legislation and information communication technology that enables any organization to ensure reliability, profitability and improve customer satisfaction and thus reducing its Carbon footprint and environmental impact. Currently, we have operations in Namibia, Angola, Zambia. Call us on +264 61 2891400 for more information